Occupational Therapy

Occupational therapy is a habilitative (learning for the first time) and a rehabilitative (re-learning) practice that focuses on building daily skills/occupations. Those skills can be gross motor based (like jumping, dressing, play, kicking a ball, etc), fine motor based (coloring, writing, playing various board games), sensory based (sensory aversions or unmet sensory needs), and even emotional regulation (tantrums, difficulty transitioning, explosive “episodes”).

Here at Golden Pediatric Therapy, we provide occupational therapy for children aged birth to 21 years of age. Our main focus is teaching skills through play! Our approach is child-led, meaning we integrate our goals into things that the child is intrinsically motivated to do, such as playing with Nerf guns or playing dress up!

*Golden Pediatric Therapy Services currently does not provide speech, dietary, psychological, or other services outside of occupational therapy. However, we do have referral sources that we may recommend to your family upon request.