Welcome to Golden Pediatric Therapy Services!

We strive to provide the "gold standard" occupational therapy services to the Montgomery area and the surrounding regions! Contact us for more info on scheduling your first session!

Our Services

Each child's care will look different but here is an overview of our services


A quick look at the overall developmental skills


A formal detailed assessment of skills with a report


Individualized care with goals and home carryover activities

Parent Coaching

In depth meeting to further assist parents with specific needs

Why Occupational Therapy?

Does your child have difficulties with handwriting or small skills like buttons? Does your child have emotional outbursts that  come out of the blue? Does your child seem to be in their own world all of the time? Or is your child bouncing off of the walls with difficulty sitting in a chair at school? You are at your wits end and need help now!

WE ARE HERE FOR YOU! We understand that all of these challenges have a huge impact on your family and we are here to educate and give you the specific tools that your family needs!

Client Testimonials

"The dynamic duo, Morgan and Katelyn have been working with my sweet boy for a few months and his confidence has soared. He's willing to try harder gross motor tasks with less hesitation and knows that he now possesses the ability to succeed in anything he encounters because of the help of his "girls". He thinks time with them is the best activity in the world.”
The N. Family
"We love Morgan!! [She] gives the most detailed, helpful notes."
The C. Family
More families to serve coming soon...!