Since our goal is to be the “gold standard” of pediatric occupational therapy services, we are private pay only. This allows us to give all of our time and energy to our kiddos and their families without the hassle of extra paperwork required by insurance companies. Below is an overview of the process of initiating occupational therapy services with us.

1.Screen – $15

A screening is a general overview of skills and currently met milestones that is completed in 15 minute increments. Upon looking at the results from the screening, we may or may not recommend occupational therapy services. If we recommend services, we will move onto schedule an evaluation of your child.

2.Evaluation – $150

This is a more in-depth look at your child’s skills in gross motor, fine motor, sensory, visual motor and perception, reflexes, executive functioning, etc. and additionally includes the time spent interviewing with the parent and overall amount of time of 1 hour. The price also reflects the time required to complete the physical report. 

At this time, our evaluation day and time for evaluations in school systems and daycare facilities are based upon the individual contracts and agreements we have with those facilities and may vary based upon availability.

+ Additionally note that due to the thoroughness of our evaluations in collaboration with the value we place on building relationships, a portion of the incomplete testing may be completed within the first treatment session.

3.Subsequent Sessions – $60 for 30 minutes/$100 for 45 minutes

To ensure adequate time for therapy in addition to being mindful of the typical school schedule, sessions completed in the school setting will only be offered in 30 minute time frames. For at home or in clinic session, we offer a 45 minute time slot to provide more one on one time with the child and caregiver(s).

At the end of each session, you will be provided with a Session Summary and Home Activities Program of recommended activities to complete over the course of the next week prior to the sequential scheduled therapy session (these are expected to be completed as indicated by OT to ensure best outcomes).

*Parent/Guardian Coaching – $150

We also provide a parent/guardian coaching service where an occupational therapist will meet with you one on one. Parent/guardian coaching may be applicable to parents who have children that are currently on the caseload and require more intensive training (more than simply session summary or sitting in on sessions). This is a service we also offer to parents of children that are on our waiting list to allow for initiation of recommendations for both children and parents.