Our vision for Golden Pediatric Therapy Services is to become the GOLD STANDARD in pediatric therapy services through our encouragement, compassion, integrity, and desire to serve the Montgomery and Pike Road areas. We strive to provide developmentally appropriate skills to our children through a play based approach. We additionally desire to grow relationships within the family and community to provide a supportive environment and a more inclusive world.

Our Mission and Vision

The mission of Golden Pediatric Therapy Services is striving to shine a light on various pediatric difficulties experienced by the children that we love. We seek to help these children become successful physically, emotionally, socially, and developmentally. We desire to promote understanding between the child, caregiver, and community to increase the potential for lifelong success through intentional interactions and communication. The overarching mission of Golden Pediatric Therapy Services is to foster engagement, motivation, and participation for children in all meaningful aspects of life.

Our Core Values

Our core values include service, collaboration, integrity, compassion, growth, and dependability. Our community is the backbone of development and we desire to make it accessible to all children with all needs and developmental levels (Service). Our intentional interactions and open communication ensure that our children will thrive in their environments (Collaboration). We hold ourselves to the highest standard to provide QUALITY care for our children and their families (Integrity). We promise to love your child and take into consideration all aspects of your family’s values (Compassion). We strive to continue to implement new, research-based, effective treatments and areas of practice as we grow our clinical knowledge base (Growth). Our goal is to give parents and caregivers tools for best success in all areas of our children’s lives (Dependability)